“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

Michelangelo Buonarroti Simoni, Italian sculptor, painter, architect and poet
So how can you say that you are doing your best? Or that you have achieved the best results you possibly can in a given situation?

For most people it never crosses their minds to hire a coach to help them in dealing with life’s issues and challenges. This is a new idea and as we enter all unfamiliar territories we encounter we experience hesitation. We hold back on making the investment of time, energy and money because we are not sure if the service we are about to hire will give us a tangible and lasting change in our lives.

By being informed by this hesitation we invest our resources in material things or experiences that may make us happy for short periods of time or we save and protect everything we can, making our footprint in the world to be smaller and smaller so we can feel safe.

But by doing this we put ourselves on hold. Our goals, our desires, skills we want to develop and ultimately our own happiness is put on hold, is postponed and eventually we just move on tending to life’s demands without being aware of the hidden potential that lies within us, just waiting to be released from its constraining shell.

The job of a life designer is to support you in making the transition that matters the most to you in the now! To help you access this untapped potential.


At Metacoaching® we will design a customized program for you that will:

Integral Life Design
  • Provide the most effective tools and practices for assessing your core values and signature character strengths that will help you gain perspective about your natural way, your natural style in dealing with the challenge you are facing: personal relationships, communication, lethargy and lack of motivation, emotional management, life ownership, etc.
  • Develop the new needed abilities that you are longing for to achieve greater results. For that to happen we will design together a new way of being, a new style for you to grow into.
  • Design clear goals and developmental objectives.
  • Build empowerment through reflecting, sensing, acting and increasing awareness so that at the end of the coaching program you are ready to continue on your own and not feel dragged to a co-dependent relationship with your coach.


Customized program: goals and developmental priorities are set in accordance with client’s expectations, current personal challenges and demands of client’s life context

Reflection and Action oriented: transformations and deeper insight levels unfold during the life design program

Increase of client’s self-awareness: about their own natural style in dealing with the current faced situation

Design a new style to grow into: that will support client’s developmental goals and life design topic

Practices and contemplative exercises: between every life design session that will help the client to develop the abilities and skills to achieve meaningful end results

The life design program format

24h Life Design

  • 10 sessions of 1h30 duration for each
  • 9 hours of designing for the client: planning for each session, acknowledgements, practice design, result and performance analysis and consolidation of client’s progress for the completion conversation
  • Client and Coach will usually attend bimonthly meetings