The oriental philosophy teaches that we must follow the path of the lowest stress. Unfortunately, in the Occident this is still a misunderstood concept. Some have naively believed that the path of less resistance is the road of passivity, of seclusion, of laziness and stagnation.

But this is not true. Pay attention: the road of less effort is not the effortless way, but just the shortest one. That is, even when the solutions are hard and complicated, there is one that will demand less effort. However difficult the possibilities are, there is one not so hard. However complicated a task is, there is always a less stressful way of doing it. There is always a more natural outlet.

It is a basic situation in the Nature. Why the course of a stream is crooked? It is because it follows the least resistant way. But would it not be easier to run a straight line, a shorter path? However, the shortest path is not always the less effort. Can you imagine how much energy would be necessary for the stream to perforate the rock in its way? It would be an exaggerate effort to cross it. It is easier to go around the obstacle. It is a principle of Nature: to found the more natural way, the least resistant one. Neither to avoid nor to confront the obstacle, just overcome it.

But unfortunately the human being is conditioned to value only the complicated ways, the complex solutions and difficult options. Avoiding the simple solution, the common sense, the most obvious way out. Pressed to be creative before a universe of demands, people strive too much, desperately seeking an outlet for their problems.

The search for solutions is important, but should not be exaggerated, with too much worrying about the results. Striving beyond the possibilities is to lead to an exhaustion situation, to the stress. Suffering arises exactly in these moments of stress, when a situation is taken to the extremes. If one takes a situation beyond one´s possibilities there would be suffering. If one is forced beyond what one really is, one will get to the exhaustion.

Of course someday we can be able to do something that is not possible yet. After all, we are human beings, we grow, and we mature. But it is no use to require a child to carry a 30 kilos weight. It is to force when the child is not apt yet for that. In the future, as an adult, it will manage. But right now, it is not able. As Carl Jung said: ‘It is not perfection, but wholeness that is expected from you’. Then seek the path of least resistance, be yourself. Use your potential but respect your limits. Do your part but find your own rhythm. Find peace in whatever you do. Follow the path of the least resistance, where ‘you do nothing, but you leave nothing undone’.

Moacyr Castellani

Moacyr Castellani

Moacyr Castellani is a coach, writer, trainer and lecturer. His formation and experience as a psychologist and business administrator allowed him to develop and apply successfully the Metacoaching concept to the traditional coaching methods. In his approach, the Personal and Executive Coaching are re-evaluated by an integral knowledge.
Moacyr Castellani

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